Ask Nature Personified
Ask Nature Personified
Nature, with equal mind,
Sees all her sons at play,
Sees man control the wind,
The wind sweep man away.
Matthew Arnold, Empedocles on Etna
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Pablo Stanley

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There is no Christmas today in Soviet Russia. B| 

[[oh god sorry if this offended anyone]]

In Russia you give presents to North! >D

[[and why no Christmas? owo!?]]

[[We are celebrating it like in times of old - in January, shortly after New Year. So have no worries~! I am just mah, being B| about this in a funny way.]]

[[And no, of course we do not give presents to North! How backwards do you think we are? :D They are to be placed under the Christmas Three, as usual. On both Christmas and New Year.]]

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There is no Christmas today in Soviet Russia. B| 

Anonymous asked: "SPLAT! You just got snowballed! Welcome to the snowball fight of 2012! Okay so here's how it works, just say three to five random things about yourself then go anon and snowball your five favorite blogs. If you get snowballed again you CANNOT snowball any blogs you've snowballed before, except if you're out of blogs to snowball. Have fun!"


Sorry, anon, I accidentally posted it empty for the first time! D: Now I will have to retype my answer. Awwkjlhsg. Edit: Here it goes again. Also, thank you very much! OTL


"I have wo-SPLAT-!"

Mother Nature froze where she stood, hands half the way to protect herself. After what happened slowly sank into her mind, she wiped her face clean with the flat of her palm and spent some time getting already thawn snow out of her ear.

"…I accept this challenge. First: At the end of Golden Age I’ve sworn my loyalty to another spirit. Second: I existed long before Moon Clipper and it’s inhabitants decided to flee to this planet. Third: I only fear this world to end. Now I believe there is a battle to be fought."

And with that she disappeared into whirl of leaves.


((A-a-and cut. For both this and that blog. It’s 0:20 here and I really need to go down and sleep. Probably bad idea, since Loki-senpai is sad. Sad senpai is a bad thing too. Go cheer her up, maybe? She is a precious snowflake with awesome blog, art, voice and goals. And her Loki… He… He’s…))



Solitude had flinched in pain for a second when the crack had appeared, but smiled once he noticed the woman looking at it, rising his hand to touch it for a moment “This is nothing.” he assured her with a smile. “Don’t worry about it.” he sat close to her, but didn’t touch her anymore. Still, he tried to find other ways to make his warmth reach her, like filling the air with his softly humming.

It didn’t take too long to make the other fall asleep, which made him smile and he kept humming softly, planning to keep watching over her until she was okay again.

It’s been a long, long time since Gaia was last put to slumber. During time when Constellations ruled the galaxy, when Earth was Moonless and life on it too primitive to be of any interest to any being outside system. And thus spirit of life dreamed about different lands and different times; about frozen wealds and harsh winds that hummed peaceful lullaby. About clear skies where stars gleamed as forgotten pearls.

But every dream must come to an end and this one was not an exception. Sun raised above the horizon, melting snow and ice, allowing green grass to fill the earth. Form it sprung the trees, branches rocking in gentle breeze. Wasteland disappeared into forest, basked in light of the sun and filled with all kinds of creatures… And they called her to duty.

She emerged out from the dream, slowly and not realizing right away at what age she was. Even limbs came as a passive surprise - she still thought of herself as of formless globe of conscious after that vision. After becoming aware of her form came memories of the past day. For the first time in her existence she wondered if she had a nightmare.

So she stayed still, reconnecting to reality and listening to the vibes of all around that whispered into her mind. Right now there was one persistent voice, murmuring about fire stirring in the earth and ashes falling from the skies. It seemed like some volcano decided to have some fun.

Mother Earth lifted her head from her knees, looking around and hoping in secret that what she’ll witness will fail to confirm yesterday’s existence. Alas there was that gentle spirit who helped her trough that disgrace she experienced. Shaking her head and feeling that flowers were once again blooming in her hair, she stood up and stretched, dropping not a word yet.

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((Nope, it’s BlackJack.))

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Side blog for EVIL and CHAOS. Like a Boss. 

Because mun’s ice on her evil side was broken after magic anon attacked. Now say ‘hi’ to Discord, ladies and gentlemen. 


Chaos, Mischief, and Loner 2 - ChibiGuardianAngel
This makes me worry for my generation, but for myself even more for not only recognizing all of these but for reading/watching all of these as well. 


Chaos, Mischief, and Loner 2 - ChibiGuardianAngel

This makes me worry for my generation, but for myself even more for not only recognizing all of these but for reading/watching all of these as well.